132nd VW Training Mission: Op Snapshot

Training mission run last Sunday, it has been my first taste of multi-asset combined operation.. Juicy taste but also a very hard bite.

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Asset that partecipated:
3x Ka-50
1x Mi-8
6x A-10C
6x F/A-18C
2x Controllers (ATC/AWACS)

Kudos to everyone involved in the planning; in particular AssafB, great mission maker, Junior that has prepared the RW package briefing and led it and the controllers. Coordinating so many assets plus having to deal with a good number of green pilots must have been tough!

This is an extract from my stream with complete Briefing and Debriefing. The full stream was 3h59’10”.


Introduction to CAS control

This is a brief extract from one of my streaming of the last 132nd Virtual Wing training session.
132nd.Junior has briefly introduced the CAS control and procedures. I find his explanation really clear and complete, despite being very concise due to time restrictions.

DCS 132nd VW F/A-18 Squadron is Operative!

As a rotor-head I often wonder how fighter pilots maintain their Situation Awareness: we can fly NOE, mask our presence by means of the terrain whereas fixed-wing are little yet bright dots in the sky with nowhere to hide.

While I cogitate about the lack of ground features in the sky, the first Class of the “494th Panthers“, the Squadron of the 132nd Virtual Wing flying on the F/A-18 is now fully Mission Qualified.
Congrats to all of them for this great achievement; check this neat video made by 132nd.Trollef!